Don’t forget to Make a business monthly declaration for the JobKeeper Wage Subsidy

Each month you must complete a business monthly declaration to be able to keep claiming JobKeeper payments. You must do this in the first 14 days after the month you are claiming for ends. Your tax or BAS agent can also make the business monthly declaration for you.

The ATO will ask you to reconfirm the business participant details and your eligible employees (if you have any). You will also need to provide the ATO with information about your GST turnover for the reported month and projected GST turnover for the following month.

The information you provide the ATO on your turnover is not a re-test of your eligibility. The ATO asks for this information to see how your business is progressing under the JobKeeper Payment scheme.

If any of your eligible employees change or leave your employment, you will need to update this employee information through your monthly declaration.

Before you make your declaration

  • Make sure you have worked out your current month's and next month's projected GST turnover.
  • If you have employees, make sure you have paid each eligible employee at least $1,500 (before tax) for each JobKeeper fortnight you are claiming for.
  • If you need to make changes to your eligible employees, use the same method you used when you completed Step 2 – Identify and maintain your eligible employees:
    • Make the changes in your STP pay event report and lodge and allow three days for the changes to process.
    • Lodge an updated JobKeeper report using the Business Portal File transfer function and allow three days for the report to process.
    • Have any updates to your eligible employees' information ready to enter into ATO online services or the Business Portal.


Make your declaration by the 14th of each month

  • Log into ATO online services through myGov, or the Business Portal using myGovID.
  • View the COVID-19 screen and select Step 3 – Business monthly declaration for JobKeeper payment.
  • Re-confirm your reported eligible employees and business participant (if you have them).
  • If you need to update details for eligible employees or the eligible business participant, select Maintain employees.
  • Provide your business' GST turnover for the month you are declaring and following month's projected GST turnover.
  • Re-confirm your financial institution details for receiving JobKeeper payments.


  • Use the Print friendly function to capture your successful JobKeeper monthly declaration in PDF format. The ATO recommends you save this information, including your JobKeeper receipt number, for your records

How to update details for eligible employees and the business participant

If your employees change or leave your employment, you need to update and maintain this information in your business declaration each month.

Depending on how you completed Step 2 – Identify and maintain your eligible employees, you will need to make these changes either:

  • directly into ATO Online services via myGov or in the Business Portal using myGovID
  • in your STP payroll software or in an updated JobKeeper report before you make your business monthly declaration.

Log in to ATO online services or the Business Portal

In your business monthly declaration form:

  • Select Maintain employee.
  • Change the JobKeeper status for the eligible business participant if they become ineligible.
  • You can add an eligible business participant to claim JobKeeper payments for them if you did not identify one in Step 2 – Identify and maintain your eligible employees.
  • Change the JobKeeper status for employees if
    • they have left your employment
    • you have not paid them for all JobKeeper fortnights
    • they become ineligible
    • they became eligible in the relevant fortnights.


  • Select Save and continue to return to and finalise your business monthly declaration.

In your STP payroll software or updated JobKeeper report

  • Update your employees' eligibility in your STP enabled payroll software or JobKeeper report by using the JobKeeper codes to show their changed eligibility.
  • Submit your STP pay event through your payroll software or submit your JobKeeper report through the Business Portal File transfer function.
  • Leave up to three days for your changes to be processed by us before making your monthly business declaration through ATO online services or in the Business Portal.


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