Expert Tax Planning in Newcastle, NSW

When it comes to taxes, it is best to plan ahead and find ways to effectively and legitimately reduce, defer or even eliminate your income tax. 

VBD Business, Tax & Wealth Advisers will help you make sure that you have done some effective tax planning before the tax year ends. Without tax planning, compliance with ATO requirements can be hard to manage, and it will be too late to talk to your tax accountant after 30 June. We understand that no one likes paying more tax than their fair share but also know that the ATO tax system will not be on your side when you fail to comply, or that your tax accountant can fix it later.

At VBD Business, Tax & Wealth Advisers, with offices located in Charlestown and Maitland, we often get asked 'What can you do about this?' by clients who missed the tax period. With our tax planning solutions, we will help you prevent this by planning ahead.

Call us now on 02 4942 0200 to learn more about how we can help you step into a positive future. Learn more about our business services by going through our FAQs.

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"I moved my accounting to VBD over 5 years ago. It was a positive step forward for both Adamstown Cleaning and me personally, and I wish I had done this years beforehand. With the help of VBD and the introduction of processes I am getting more from the business with less effort. There is always someone at VBD to help and everyone is very professional and prompt." John Ray, Director, Adamstown Cleaning.

“Denton Engineering is currently taking advantage of the Business Building Program service provided by VBD Business, Tax & Wealth Advisers. VBD and Denton Engineering regularly work together to implement best-practice strategies to ensure that customers receive the best quality outcomes 100% of the time. Denton Engineering believes that the key to a successful business is to focus on the value you provide to your customers above all else.” Michelle Denton, Denton Engineering.

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