A free Business Success Session at your place of business or ours

Did you know that there are only seven areas that directly impact the profit of your business? Once you know these seven areas and which of them impact your business the most then you will be able to develop a plan of positive and sustainable improvement.

If you can provide me with the following information for your most recent twelve month period (or your best guess) and between one and two hours of your time, I will show you the areas in your business that if improved will provide you with significant profit improvement.

  • Existing number of customers
  • Retention percentage of existing customers
  • Number of new potential customers each year
  • Conversion rate of potential customers (buy from you more than once)
  • The number of sales transactions each year
  • The average value of each sales transaction
  • Annual revenue exc. GST
  • Annual direct costs including labour exc. GST
  • Annual overheads (all other costs) exc. GST
  • Annual Net Profit exc. GST

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"I moved my accounting to VBD over 5 years ago. It was a positive step forward for both Adamstown Cleaning and me personally, and I wish I had done this years beforehand. With the help of VBD and the introduction of processes I am getting more from the business with less effort. There is always someone at VBD to help and everyone is very professional and prompt." John Ray, Director, Adamstown Cleaning.

“Denton Engineering is currently taking advantage of the Business Building Program service provided by VBD Business, Tax & Wealth Advisers. VBD and Denton Engineering regularly work together to implement best-practice strategies to ensure that customers receive the best quality outcomes 100% of the time. Denton Engineering believes that the key to a successful business is to focus on the value you provide to your customers above all else.” Michelle Denton, Denton Engineering.

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